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Recerca Clínica is a Contract Research Organization (RC CRO), which also works as a Consulting (RC Forum) and Training Center (RC Training) founded in 2000 and based in Barcelona. We provide a complete service of clinical trial development both nationally and internationally.

We support pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, as well as scientific societies, international CROs , public institutions and other research centers in the planning of clinical trials and their orientation , as well as at different development stages (Phase I- IV ), post-authorisation and marketing trials.

RC has the ideal combination of experience , adaptability , flexibility and talent on our team. RC is a company based in the knowledge of our staff and aimed at total quality at highly competitive prices. Our customer orientation is characterized by a highly customizable to your needs organization. Innovation in organization and knowledge are the basis in compliance with Good Clinical Practices.

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Specialists Insourcing

Unlinke most other companies specialized in clinical research, from RC we support the specialists insourcing such as CRAs, CTAs, etc., that is to have them as members of RC team.

We take care of their formation from the start of his career in the market by providing them with all necessary knowledge and Good Clinical Practices. In this way RC acts as responsible of its specialists and guarantees a premium quality in all services offered to customers.

We must emphasize that our high quality service is based on RC Training, RC branch responsible for training new clinical research specialties (CTA, CTC, CRAs... ). RC manages a Master in clinical trials monitoring, as well as other university courses to train professionals in these fields.

This guarantees the nourisihing of the Pharma Industry with qualified professionals and to have the best team to accompany our clients in all the proceedings and achieve successfully their goals.

Knowledge of the Spanish Market

RC owns a profund knowledge of the Spanish market so we can guide effectively our partners and clients through our territory.

Our team experience and knowledge allows us to know what is happening in the Pharmaceutical Industry and what are the issues our collaborators must know to develop effectively their projects.

We know on first hand the peculia- rities of the Spanish market. So we know what steps have to be taken to get into, its laws, etc. In short, poten- tial risks which can only be avoided by an adequate knowledge as we offer.

Our centers selection model (feasibilities) includes all the relevant information about the researchers and the centers capable of hosting the project clinical trials in order to choose the most suitable to the client purposes. It contributes to the extra quality service we provide.


RC takes care of start-ups projects and other companies projects that are in early stages of development of their drugs.

At RC Forum we offer our consulting services guiding the client to make the leap to clinical stage through our knowledge. And at RC CRO, we offer all the services tailored to their needs from Phase I to Phase IV clinical trial.

The accompaniment determines the working methodology of RC: totally customer oriented. We create work teams for each project consist of: the principal investigators, sponsors, customers and our technical staff.

The information flow betwwen the members is continuous (always following GCP). These teams constantly keep in touch with the latest techniques of telecommunications, meeting only when absolutely necessary.


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Recerca Clínica, S.L.
C/ Llull 393, Entlo. 3ª
Barcelona, 08019, Spain


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